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It’s been a week since season 6 of American Horror Story ended, and while Roanoke did fulfill some of my hopes about where the season would go (touched on in this article which features a mini review of episode one back in September), it didn’t quite live up to the expectations that some of the awesome promos for the season insinuated.

(Some spoilers ahead)

Being a Science Fiction author and lover, I was excited to see something, anything, related to aliens, but nope. I was, however, pleased that almost every other aspect of the promos showed up at one point or another during the season. My husband and I were NOT pleased, however, with the way the ‘southerners’ were portrayed. We have enough media depicting people from rural areas as monsters, with stuff like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the like out there. We were hoping at least one of the ‘southerners’ in the show would turn out to be not-so-bad, but that didn’t happen. So there’s another stereotype. I promise, we’re not all crazy, and definitely not cannibals. But, there were some redeeming factors this season, such as the cast and crew finally going off-camera where the real horror came in to play. That was one of the things I was hoping would happen, and it did, so kudos for that. I loved how different everyone was in ‘real life’ versus in the documentary portrayed in the first few episodes. I do wish some characters would have lasted longer though, so we could have enjoyed this change in character a bit more. I also wish the season had delved into the ‘real’ history of Roanoke a bit more, as the promos and title promised. Sure they had a little history in there, but one of the main reasons my husband and I watch this show is its historical elements, so we are always wanting more of that.

Needless to say, I am torn about this season. There was a lot of good, and a lot of bad too. But one thing is for certain, at least. It was definitely better than the show’s fifth season, Hotel, which made me never want to watch it again. And the season 6 promos pulled me back in. Do I regret watching this season like I regretted watching episode one of last season? No. The inclusion of so many different themes from past seasons (and even a character from a past season) makes me wonder if this was the show’s final season. But, if it isn’t, Roanoke did at least give me a little hope that the show might be slowly returning to its roots. Pun intended. 😉

Speaking of roots, er, trees, I titled my mashup “Porcelain Tree” because one of the songs (used in the promos for season 6) is titled “Sycamore Tree” and the other is titled “Porcelain” – I definitely wanted to keep the ‘tree’ aspect in there, as that was a main focal point of this season, so I came up with a mashed-up title to suit the music. Love it when the title works out as well as the song.

And yes, I also added my own vocals in part of the humming of “Sycamore Tree” to mix the harmonies up a bit.

I was planning to upload this video/mashup on Halloween, but original music comes first. Better late than never, right? I started this mashup before AHS6 began, thanks to the promos and music they used for the season. Realizing how well these 2 songs went together, I just had to mix them. I’ve done a LOT to it, so please make sure to check out the songs on their own too! You can find them at these links:

“Sycamore Tree” by Kali Uchis

“Porcelain” by Skott

And, here is my mashup! Enjoy. 😉


Hope you like it! Let me know in comments here or on the video itself, and feel free to subscribe to my channel for more stuff like this in the future. And if you liked this, you might also like my newest original song, which is also quite creepy. It can be found HERE, and for more original music and all kinds of other things, feel free to subscribe to the FCS channel too.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!

Remember your roots,

Kylie Jude.




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