#OverTheRiver is now FREE on Wattpad! Vote vote vote!

Over The River and Through The Woods
That’s right, thanks to the TNT Horror Contest, my short story #OverTheRiver is now FREE to read on Wattpad. And guess what – I just found out it made the top 100! Which means voting is now open, and I could really use your help. We’ve been in and out of hospitals for the past week, and while things are looking up now, I’m 2 days late finding out about voting now being open, so I’m having to push hard to get some votes last minute… Well, at least 600 votes, to be exact. All by December 6th, which is, as of now, only 2 days away! So check it out HERE as it may not be free to read much longer, and please please please, VOTE by clicking the ? – I could really use it. Winner gets their story made into a “Tales From The Crypt” episode (yes, it’s returning! With none other than my favorite director M. Night Shyamalan at the helm), as well as lots of money which we could really use right now, especially after all the health issues and surgeries and hospital stays. Thanks in advance! And if you do read it on Wattpad and feel like leaving a review, the Amazon page for the story can be found HERE.
And if you’re on Facebook, we’ve just created a last minute event. Feel free to join it HERE.
Fingers Crossed,
Kylie Jude.

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