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For some bizarre reason unknown to little old me, about 2 years ago now, I had the immense pleasure and honor of being kidnapped, blindfolded, and tossed to the salty, wet, wooden-planked floor of a mysterious, wonderful, slightly tipsy but insanely supportive pirate ship full of off-the-wall authors like myself. The name of this ship is the H.M.S. Slush Brain.

I suppose I have the ship’s Captain, Angela B. Chrysler, to thank for throwing me into this beautiful mess (although I was blindfolded and didn’t see who actually threw me aboard, she does seem awfully suspicious) – this whole weird and awesome thing was her idea, and she has a lot of other cool ideas too, such as the #B2BCyCon (which I made the trailer/commercial for HERE) and much more, which can be found at the Brain to Books website.

Our newest venture out to sea brings the H.M.S. Slush Brain to the land of Facebook, for our first ever Facebook event as a crew! Sadly the whole team can’t be there (some of us are on ACTUAL ships, not just imaginary ones), but those of us that can are bound to make it an event you won’t soon forget. So come aboard with us and join the party for a day, and be sure to enter the Kraken of a giveaway below and check out some of my fellow Slush Brain-ers’ websites and books, below that. And below that, unknown and possibly dangerous adventures await, so tread carefully. 😉

HMS Slush Brain

100-00-amazon-gift-cardnewsletter-sign-up-giveaway$100.00 Amazon Gift Card Newsletter Sign-Up Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win and then join us 16 December 2016 for additional prizes. The winner is announced 18 December 2016.

Join the HMS Slush Brain Blog Hop this holiday!

Release the Kraken! (AKA subscribe)

Click above to subscribe. . . If you dare 😉

Oh and my takeover will be at 12 PM, EST.

See you in the land of Facebook!

*Raises bottle and floats back out to sea*


Drink up, me hearties,

Kylie “Kraken” Jude.



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