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Hi there! This is for visitors from the 2017 Brain to Books Cyber Convention. If you’re NOT from the convention, come on in anyway! I don’t bite. 😉 Also, check it out by clicking on the banner below. Lots of cool goings on for readers and writers of all genres!

B2BCyCon 2017

Speaking of genres, I tend to write in lots of them. While I’ve only published one book so far (a creepy short story in the realm of Paranormal Thriller), I currently have at least 7 other stories in the works, ranging from shorts to novels to entire series. That entire series I speak of is my calling, my purpose in this life, The Undying Chronicles. It’s Science Fiction (or probably more like Science Fantasy) with some other genres thrown in later in the books. Since it’s so important to me, it’s taking a while to get book one ready for publication, but I hope you’ll keep in touch so you can read it when it is finally unleashed. I also currently have a Dystopian short in the works, as well as 2 modern Fairy Tales, a Contemporary Thriller, another Science Fiction/Fantasy novel, and what will probably end up being a full series of Fantasy novels. I do my own illustrations for said novels, which explains why my hands are hurting as I type this… But it’s worth it. 😉


You can click the graphic above to view my creepy short story (now complete with a new cover!) on Amazon.

But I do a lot more than write books. In addition to my literary pursuits, I’m also a musician, video editor, artist, and… some other things we won’t talk about here. 😉 But seriously, I do a LOT of things, so I, along with my husband (who is also an author, musician, artist ETC) created an outlet for all our combined talents – Frozen Creek Studios.

#FCS is a multimedia production company, catering to the creative and non-creative alike. We do a TON of stuff, from event photography and videography, to photo editing and restoration, to recording and producing music and music videos, to scoring and editing films, commercials, and more. You can find out about all of that and more HERE, but since this post is for the CyCon and most of you are probably authors (or part of the book world in some way) I’m going to list for you, right here, for the first time ever, a list of ONLY our author services! Enjoy:

  1. Book Trailers

    (Starting at $100) – I’ve been passionate about video editing for over 15 years now, and about music ever since I can remember. As a writer myself I’m also passionate about storytelling and I understand how important your book is to you. Through FCS, I can create an atmospheric, gripping book trailer for you (including royalty music found online) for only $100 (BTW these cheap prices are for a limited time only, so book yours today), and for $100 more I can even compose original music just for your trailer, based on your book! Another $100 gets you state of the art voice over work if you prefer it over text. We can do male and/or female voice over. I absolutely LOVE making book trailers, especially for the SciFi/SciFan, Fantasy, and Dystopian genres. You can see some examples HERE.

  2. Music Composition

    (Starting at $100) – As stated above, I’m a music composer and can create original music for your book trailer (or any film or promo project if need be). $100 gets you an original instrumental song (non-exclusive meaning we can use it on albums to showcase our work, but rest assured, we never use a book trailer song for another book trailer), and $200 more gets you original lyrics, inspired by your book or project and made into a full length song! Examples HERE.

  3. Copy Editing

    (Starting at $100) – I’ll admit it, I’ve always been a bit of a grammar nazi, and have been editing my husband’s books for years now. Recently I had the opportunity to edit a couple novels for pay, and while I’m still fairly new to doing it professionally, I think I’m getting the hang of it. As such, prices may go up in the future, but for now we charge $100 for a short story (or blog post, ETC) and $300 for full length novels (which can vary depending on length). We can also add on in-depth, interactive continuity edits for an extra fee. Get your work edited with us before our prices go up!

  4. Cover Design

    (Starting at $100) – At the $100 level you can use my husband‘s photography and artwork non-exclusively, and we will modify it as needed and add basic text for you. And this is where it starts getting pricey, because I love doing it but honestly my poor hands can’t take much more of it. – For $300 I can design digital artwork for your cover in my unique but simple design (line art in Photoshop, nothing too fancy – some examples HERE), add another $100 to that and I can design something similar but with much more detail (for example, preset text VS. handmade text, or a drawing of a tree VS. a drawing of a tree with birds and flowers and a cute little squirrel peeping out of a hole in the bark – well, you get the idea), and for $500 and up, you can get most photography or artwork of my husband’s to use exclusively for your cover, which means it’s yours forever and we will remove it from all of our galleries, making your book the only place it is featured ever again. You can see some of his photography HERE, and some examples of his artwork HERE.

  5. Audi0 Book Production

    (Starting at $500) – This one is exciting because as of right now we still haven’t officially produced an audio book, so you could be our first! Special, right? Don’t let the fact that we’re new to this area fool you though; we both have experience with acting, and we own fancy, top of the line recording equipment which is dying to be used for this purpose! However, since we are new to audio books, our first client can get a special low price of just $500 for a basic audio book. That’s cheap, considering all the work that goes into even the most simple audio book (when done right, which we will do). Now to the fun stuff! For just $200 more we can do both male AND female voices if you wish (for example if the narrator is female then everything will be read in my voice but any male characters will be read by my husband). For $300 more you can have original music composed and inserted into your audio book (up to 3 non-exclusive instrumental songs) which can really enhance the drama of the story, just like in the movies. Add $300 more and you can also get sound effects added into your audio book! Some may be found online but many will be recorded by us, created from scratch to give your BOOMs and BANGs and SCRAPEs the extra oomph they need (and don’t worry, in addition to being an audio producer I also happen to have extreme over-sensitivity in my right ear, so trust me I know how to level out the sound effects so they won’t deafen your readers) – get in on these deals before the prices go up!

  6. Branding

    (Starting at $50) – This is one of our cheapest author services, and can apply to anyone, not just authors. At the $50 level we can take your pre-existing photo or logo and turn it into correctly sized Facebook covers, Twitter headers, website banners, avatars, ETC. At the $100 level we can help you figure out what your brand should be with 3 simple questions, as well as design your logo or header for you. And at the $200 level we can do all of this plus help you design your website to best represent your brand and attract more customers (please note, this does not mean we will go into your website and do everything for you – we are not coders, for example). I guess a decent example of FCS branding could be the website you’re on right now, mine. See my home page HERE. Another example is the FCS banner below:


And that does it for author services! If you see something you need, feel free to get in touch! We offer discounts for indie authors, and flexible payment plans. We are very busy right now but we should be back open for business starting in August 2017. Take advantage of our current rates and reserve your spot on our list before we fill up again!

Below are some examples of our work, beginning with something you might recognize, the official Brain to Books Cyber Convention promo! And if you’re just zooming by on the blog tour, you can return to the Science Fiction blog hop page HERE, or to the main convention blog hop HERE.





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