I dabbled in art when I was younger, but I didn’t really get into it until I had to for my novels. I essentially taught myself to draw (again) for my novels, and with some help from my husband, learned Photoshop so I could do digital art too. I can’t reveal my novel illustrations until the books are published, but until then, feel free to check out my fan art, ETC, on my Deviant Art page. Here are a few examples:

Dragon Age Tarot
~ My Dragon Age Tarot (which was not inspired by the tarot cards in the most recent game but started before that game was released)
Mars Art
~ Various fan art I’ve made for the band 30 Seconds To Mars (whose music inspired most of my scifi novels)


The 100
~ Fan art I’ve done of one of my favorite TV shows, The 100.


Angel of Death
~ A photo manipulation I did of my husband.



Coming Home
~ The updated digital version of a drawing I did for my husband on the night we met. The stars in the background are his photography.


Frozen Creek Studios

Occasionally I also participate in Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s collaborative production company, hitRECord. I won’t post it here since most of it combines my work with that of others, but feel free to click the button below to check out my work there:

Kylie on hitRECord

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