Frozen Creek Studios is a company my husband and I started which offers our services in everything from photography and cinematography to music composition and video editing, and much more. We cater to authors, filmmakers, musicians, and anyone else who might need our services. Below you will see a list of everything we currently offer, complete with examples of our work in each field. Get in touch with us if you see something you need! I’ll start you off with our promo video:


Wedding Services:


Combs Wedding 2015

We can help immortalize that special day through photography and cinematography. We can also edit the photos any way you like, and create a custom slideshow or music video to keep as a special memory and give to your friends and family. While most wedding photographers charge thousands of dollars for photography alone, we currently offer bundles and discounts that rival all other photographers out there. Get in touch with us for details. (Pictured: Billy and Amy Combs)



Portrait Photography:


Portrait Photography

Whether you’re looking for a professional head shot, having a baby, or simply want to document your newest look, we can provide portrait photography for you and yours at a relatively cheap price compared to most portrait photographers. (Pictured: Author Stephen Zimmer on left, Christina Butcher and Evan Richardson on right)



Photo Restoration:


Photo Restoration

Old family photos that are water-stained or ripped? We can restore these photos to look like new. Pricing varies depending on level of damage. (Pictured: Ashley Rayburn on bottom)




Graphic Design:


Restored Logo

Need a logo for your business? Or maybe some original artwork for your website or album cover? We can create almost anything you can think of. Prices vary depending on what you need. (Pictured: Logo for the furniture restoration company Restored)




Video Editing:



If you’re an author in need of a book trailer, we can make that trailer for you, and we can even compose original music inspired by your book (as we did for the trailers above and below). And if you’re a musician in need of a music video, we can do that for you too. Get in touch with us for more info.






Album and Book Cover Design:



Book Covers

If you’re an author in need of a book cover or a musician in need of an album cover, we’ve got you ‘covered’ 😉 We can create almost anything you need, using photography and/or digital art. (Pictured below: New ΛGΩNΛL album cover)

Agonal Album Cover



Music Composition:




In addition to composing music for the book trailers we edit, we are also available for book soundtracks and film scores. The above is just one example of the many kinds of music we can create fr your project. Get in touch with us for details.


You can find Frozen Creek Studios on Facebook, Twitter, and Deviant Art. Will post an update here when we have our website up. Rates may vary depending on project size and location. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We will always respond.


(Food Drive video we made for Charon Coin Press)

(One of 4 videos we made for the Rayden Valkyrie campaign. See the rest HERE)


You can contact me directly with inquiries, but feel free to connect with #FCS at the links below: